Save time and money with our third party screening service

We have conducted dozens of high volume screening projects for clients across every industry, providing them with data and analysis to manage risk effectively. Screening is done by our managed services team, a highly qualified, lawyer-trained group of global resources who are compliance and data experts.
Contact us today to receive a free screening report on up to 100 third parties to get a glimpse of the detailed analysis our team provides on your business partner network and receive a 10% discount on your first order.*

Why let us manage your third party screening?

  • Screen a large number of third parties quickly and efficiently
  • We summarize and risk rate any identified hits, so you can take appropriate action
  • Our report provides metrics to gauge the health of your third party network
  • Save time and reallocate your resources to higher priority work

*Free screening report and 10% discount offer is valid through October 31st, 2020 only. Acceptance of offer does not obligate you to purchase any additional services from The Red Flag Group®. Our managed screening agreement must be signed before we can start work on the free screening report. A member of our sales team will help you get started.

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